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Blue Plaque Scheme

A blue plaque commemorating Braintree's link with the Cornflakes giant Kellogg was erected at 52 Notley Road on 1 April 2016 thanks to 
Mr & Mrs Mark Whitehead

Libby Kirkby-Taylor, Essex County Council's Historic Buildings Advisor commented in October 2011

'Blue plaques are a recognised way of commemorating prominent individuals associated with buildings and facilitate a wider understanding of the history of places and the people who have shaped society. Braintree's long and interesting history is not always readily apparent to the casual onlooker and the introduction of blue plaques here is likely to make interpretation easier.'

Braintree & Bocking Civic Society operates a blue plaque scheme under the following criteria

In order to be eligible for a Braintree & Bocking Civic Society blue plaque the famous person concerned must:-

  • Have been dead for twenty years or have passed the centenary of their birth. Fictional characters are not eligible.
  • Be considered eminent by a majority of members of their own profession.
  • Have made an outstanding contribution to human welfare or happiness.
  • Have lived in that building for a significant period, in time or importance, within their life and work.
  • Be recognizable to the well informed passer-by, or deserve national recognition.

In cases of foreigners and overseas visitors, candidates should be of international reputation or significant standing in their own country.

With regards to the location of the plaque:-

  • Plaques are normally only erected on the actual building inhabited by a person, not the site where the building once stood (but in exceptional circumstances this requirement may be relaxed). Plaques are not normally placed onto boundary walls, gate piers, educational or ecclesiastical buildings. Buildings marked with plaques should be visible, and preferably readable, from the public highway.

A single person may not be commemorated with more than one plaque in the Civic Society's area.

Clear evidence of the validity of any claim is to be submitted with the bid. Examples might include:-

  • Copy of a birth certificate
  • Copy of a census return
  • A fully referenced quotation from a scholarly work

Index of blue plaques

Dodie Smith Blue Plaque

Dodie Smith, Playwright and Author, 1896 - 1990
Upper Howe Street, Finchingfield
Erected May 2010

Edward Bawden, Artist, 1903-1989
11 Woodfield Road, Braintree
His childhood home
Erected 18 October 2011

JOHN RAY 1627- 1705
'The father of natural history'
John Ray Cottage
Bakers Lane, Black Notley

BENJAMIN ALLEN 1663 - 1738
Physician, naturalist and friend of John Ray
Constitutional Club
Great Square, Braintree

SAMUEL DALE 1659 - 1739
Doctor, botanist and friend of John Ray
Holmes & Hills offices
Bocking End, Braintree

All erected 17 February 2012

New Street, Braintree
Donated by 'Stonewriters' and erected 23 June 2012


Fairfield Road, Braintree adjacent Library entrance
Erected 8 August 2012

Braintree District Museum, Manor Street
Erected 10 August 2012

19 Coronation Avenue, Braintree
Erected 2 August 2014

Junction of South Street and Fairfield Road, Braintree
Erected 5 May 2015

Blue plaques in Braintree District Council area

The Society acts on behalf of English Heritage to co-ordinate the listing of all blue plaques in the area